Transponder GPS

Our objetive
is to keep
your family

Transponder GPS

Nuestro objetivo
es mantener
tu familia a salvo


We keep your family safe in a reliable way.

From your cell phone, know the situation of your relatives in real time and from anywhere 24/7.

Protect your goods against theft, you will receive alerts of unauthorized movements and be able to activate the engine stop from your cell phone.

Coverage (México -USA-Canadá)

-Large coverage.

-Notifications at the moment.

-Location in real time.

What do you get with gps transponder?

Custom support

Receive personalized attention from our application, mail, chat (on the web).

SOS alert

Receive alerts on your cell phone with the exact location to help in the emergency.

Trailer notification

Receive towing alerts from your car the moment a tilt is detected.

Gradual motor disabled

Turn off the engine from the mobile application if it is stolen or if it detects a movement.

Unwanted engine start

Get reliable safety with unexpected engine start alerts.

Speed and rude brake alert

Create speed limits and receive notifications when exceeding and braking hard.


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