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Titanium is a totally cloud-based platform, designed to provide the highest security for the transport of merchandise using its Box Control and Yard Control modules, with which you can obtain real-time information on your loads.

With this platform you will control your equipment from your boxes to your fleet of vehicles and you will be able to move products in the safest way, using the most advanced technology in the IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID market.

Logistics ERP

Titanium, in addition to being an equipment control system, also has the function of a logistics ERP to optimize all the processes carried out by companies that transport merchandise.

With this you can carry out the billing, generate the bill of lading, create routes, register clients, manage the company's workshop, among many other things.

Technologies with which Titanium ERP works


(Internet of Things)

The internet of things is the digital interconnection of smart objects such as washing machines, houses, cars or lamps through the internet.

This technology is used to optimize processes and automate tasks, which will give way to smart cities and will make human life much easier.


(Radio Frequency Identification)

Radio frequency identification is a label or Tag that transmits its information by radio frequency, this is composed of a chip and an antenna that are incorporated into the product, it is complemented by a reader that captures the data of the chip and through its own antenna sends the information encoded to a server also by radio frequency waves.

Passenger control

Body temperature control

Control of truck boxes

Yard control


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